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Chateaubriand for Two: The heart of choice beef tenderloin, served on a sizzling platter

Filet Mignon: Of tenderest beef loin

Petite Filet Mignon: Served on toast

New York Strip Sirloin Steak:

Delmonico Rib-eye Steak:
Petite Cut
Thick Cut
King Cut

Broiled Pork Chop: Thick, Juicy, and very Tender, with Applesauce on the side.
Single Pork Chop (served on toast)
Double Pork Chop Petite Single Chop

Tenderloin Tips ala Cortese: A family recipe of tenderloin chunks sauteed with celery, mushrooms, peppers, onions, and delicate seasonings, then finished with a touch of cream sherry

Prime Rib of Beef: Au Jus, boneless, and roasted to perfection.
Junior Cut
Thick Cut
Brute Cut

All can be ordered with the following: Burgundy Garlic Sauce, Pizzaola,
Topped with Fresh Mushrooms or Bacon. For an unforgettable meal, may we suggest
ordering your Steak, Prime Rib, or Pork Chops "Milanese Style" - a garlic, oregano, and
oil sauce that the Cortese family has prepared for generations

The above entrees include:

© Soup of the Day or Fresh Tossed Salad, with a choice of © Homemade Italian, Homemade Russian,
Ranch, Homemade Creamy Blue, Parmesan Pepper, or Homemade French Dressing
(Crumbly Blue Cheese Dressing 1.95 extra and a choice of one of the following:
©Vegetable ©Pasta of the Day ©Baked, French Fried or Franconi Potatoes © Rice
© Upon request, these items will be prepared and served within the Creative
Cuisine guidelines of the American Heart Association.